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Priam Capital

Priam Capital owns and operates high quality multi-tenant office real estate assets, executing our strategy at the intersection of two key macro trends: generation defining demographic shift and arbitrage opportunity in mid-tier markets. Priam’s portfolio of over two million square feet spans six states and seven cities. The target markets contain a variety of employers across many different sectors, including large governmental, international, national and regional entities. Most notably, these markets are fueled by the rapid expansion of knowledge-economy industries including technology, life sciences and advanced manufacturing. Priam targets vibrant urban-style nodes in U.S. markets that we believe many institutional investors currently overlook. These urban-style nodes have similar operating characteristics to their counterparts in larger MSAs, while exhibiting more favorable competitive dynamics which we believe translates to a differentiated acquisition pipeline and superior risk-adjusted returns.

Priam seeks to optimize the value of each investment opportunity on its own, as well as the aggregated portfolio to an institutional investor or potential for a public market exit that is intended to deliver superior investor return